How do fat people find clothes to fit them?

Aug, 3 2023

Fashion For All: Breaking Size Barriers

As a man of substantial size, I've always had the struggle of going into stores and not finding my size. This can be a common experience for many of us. It's like going to a party where everyone is invited except you. For those who are shaped like me, we know that ordering online can also be a gamble. Many companies forget that we too have style, and we too like to dress up. So here's to breaking down these barriers, to understanding that fashion truly is for all.

Tapping into The Beauty of Custom-Made Clothing

There are times when it gets difficult. I remember breaking down in a fitting room once after realizing the largest size of a shirt that I liked wouldn't button. It's in such times when I remembered the beauty of custom-made clothing. Don't get me wrong, I used to consider custom-made, or tailored clothing, as an expensive luxury reserved to the elite or the fanatically fashion-minded. But as I realized, it was like having a lifesaver tossed to us ‘fat folk’ stranded in the sea of slim-fit clothing.

How Crucial is it to Know Your Measurements

Going the tailored way all starts by understanding something fundamentally basic - your own body. I remember sharing this feeling with Lydia, my wife, saying that for the longest time I was oblivious to what my actual measurements were. It was all a game of trial and error. But knowing your measurements can change the game completely. Understanding every curve of your body can help fashion professionals give you clothes that fit like a dream.

Homemade Masterpiece: DIY Fashion

There have been times when I literally took matters into my hands. And by that, I mean my wife's sewing machine. Under the guidance of Lydia, I started altering shirts, tees, and pants that were too tight around the stomach or too loose on the shoulders. It was a perfect weekend project. And what can beat the feeling of wearing a shirt perfectly tailored by yours truly?

The Power of Confidence-Boosting Accessories

Size can never restrict style when you understand the strength of good accessories. Plus, they add that extra oomph to everything you wear. Using a stylish bag or sporting a quirky watch can elevate your attire, irrespective of your size. Remember, style is not just about the clothes but is also about how you carry them.

Sourcing Clothes from Specialty Stores

Sometimes, it requires a little more effort to find shops that cater to a larger audience. Websites and stores that focus on plus-sized fashion are a godsend. These stores understand our needs and our style choices, which can feel truly empowering. Trust me, once you find a store that fits your style and size, it’s like finding a fashion partner!

Expand Your Reach: Exploring International Stores

Having trouble finding local stores that fit right? Thanks to technology, we are not limited to our locality anymore. You can easily order clothes from international retailers. Many of them have a dedicated plus size section, and some even offer international shipping for free, or for a reasonable price. Just ensure you thoroughly check the size guides before ordering.

The Shell Breakers: Plus size Icons and Influencers

One of the biggest boosts to my confidence came from social media. Yes, you heard right. Social Media. It's full of plus-sized influencers and icons who not only break the shell and embrace themselves fully, but they also share cool tips on where to shop and how to dress. These influencers redefine fashion every day and remind us that size and style are not mutually exclusive. Make the best of this modern-age blessing!

Through all this, remember, size is only a number. The color of your skin, the shape of your body, or the number on your clothes does not define your worth. And while it may be harder for us to find clothes that fit, know that there are still ways to look and feel stylish. I hope that the experiences I've shared today can put things into perspective for someone else, too. Be confident, be proud, and keep that stylish smile on!